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Dear Abby's Review about the PursePal Purse Holder

Paw Print Design:
North Shore Animal League America

PursePal is excited to announce that we have named North Shore Animal League America as the beneficiary of our Paw Print PursePal. NSAL America is the world’s largest no-kill pet rescue and adoption organization. They have been successfully placing homeless pets into loving homes for over 60 years. Over 25,000 dogs, cats, puppies and kittens enter into NSAL’s care each year.

One of the most creative approaches to help pet adoption is NSAL’s Mobile Adoption Center program. Huge 35 foot vans do it all. With four rooms, twenty-seven stainless steel cages and four air conditioning and heating systems, these vans literally bring pets to people who can’t come to the League for adoption. Neighborhood sites and times are publicized regularly in newspaper ads in the tri-state area and on their website. And in keeping with their spirit of being truly a national presence for pets in the United States, NSAL regularly shares these huge mobile coaches with other shelters, allowing them to create similar mobile programs of their own -- but with their own pets, their own locations, and their own adoption standards. NSAL’s 'Tour For Life' is a cooperative adoption event that travels throughout the U.S. and works with over 100 animal organizations to help find homes for their resident pets. In 2005, The NSAL took this program to the international level, adding stops in Canada and the U.K. Television’s Judge Judy is the international spokesperson for Tour For Life 2005. Additionally, NSAL’s International Pet Adoptathon weekend takes place in late April / early May in thousands of animal shelters around the world.

And in times of national disaster, the NSAL is there! In case of fire, floods, hurricanes, tornadoes and other catastrophes, these unique vehicles are transformed into disaster relief units to help reunite distraught owners with their lost pets. During the recent 2005 hurricanes, mobile units were dispatched to the gulf state region, rescuing pets, relieving overflow of animals from over burdened local shelters, and offering aid and support to local animal shelter organizations. They were there for the 2004 disasters as well. Please visit their website http://www.nsalamerica.org to read more about this organization’s incredible dedication and commitment. Please consider giving additional support via their donation or volunteer programs. They are truly deserving of your support as they have been there in time of need, responding, helping and giving despite tremendous strain on their rescue teams and mobile unit resources.

NSAL is an independent, registered charity, who receives no government funding or sponsorship. They rely entirely on your generosity and support. And they truly deserve it. They are accomplishing amazing things and you can be sure that the money contributed from the sale of every Paw Print PursePal is helping to support an organization that is here for all animals in need in the U.S.


Home is Where the Heart Is

...a hokey expression to some, yet no words could ring more true to reunited owners and their pets who may never see or live the homes they once knew together.

To date, North Shore Animal League America has coordinated the reunions of 18 pets and their owners separated as a result of Hurricane Katrina. The 7 dogs and 11 cats were all rescued from Louisiana, transported to the League and lovingly cared for while staff and volunteers worked to locate their owners and arrange their reunions.

Here are some of the wonderful animals the League has rescued and reunited with their owners:

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