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Purse hangers, purse holders, and purse hooks for your purse or hangbag to hold it safely at the table side. It's the necessary purse accessory and handbag accessory
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Dear Abby's Review about the PursePal Purse Holder

What is a PursePal? It's the necessary accessory!

A PursePal is truly the necessary accessory!®

A unique fashionable purse hanger / purse hook that provides a practical solution to a common problem
- where to put your purse or handbag?

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How many times has this happened to you?
PursePal Purse Hanger / Purse Hook in action! You're dining out and you want to put your
handbag or purse somewhere safe and secure...

Do you place it...

On the floor?
No way! Not only is it likely to get dirty,
but it could get stepped on or stolen.

On the back of your chair?
Thieves love this! Your back is already
turned to one of your most valuable possessions.
Not a good idea!

Squeezed in next to your water glass?
Prime spillage territory!

On your lap under your napkin?
On your knee? Wrapped around your ankle?

This requires contortion and constant adjustment,
treat yourself and your handbag better!

Get a PursePal - The Neccessary Accessory! ®

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