Whether you call it a purse hook, a purse hanger, or a purse holder, it's still a PursePal!    |    View Cart    
Purse hangers, purse holders, and purse hooks for your purse or hangbag to hold it safely at the table side. It's the necessary purse accessory and handbag accessory
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Dear Abby's Review about the PursePal Purse Holder

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Dear Willa:

Your solution to the handbag dilemma is an excellent one, Willa! The designs on the medallions are beautiful and I commend you for donating a portion of your sales to deserving organizations. 

Thank you for so generously sharing your products with me.  

All good wishes,
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My husband wrote this about his hand bag addicted wife. This is his opinion of what I like about my PursePal. "I love having my bag where I can see it. I like to see my perfectly matched purse elevated to its place of pride."
Cindy R. Harrison Township, Mi

I received the Elephant PursePal yesterday, thank you so much, I love it, I love it, I love it! Any time I go out I show it to my friends and they all think it's a wonderful idea and it's so elegant and pretty.

I absolutely love this product. Every time I take out my purse pal, it is the biggest hit at the table.
Andrea P. West Palm Beach, Fl

Every fashionista knows that accessories make the outfit. And, with our favorite bags now costing an entire paycheck (or more), PursePals are a fashionista must have. After all, we wouldn't dream of throwing our favorite fall Fendi on the floor!
Carolyn B. Fashionista, Inc.

Received the Handbag Hooks today and they are just want I wanted. Also thanks for excellent service.
Helle S. United Kingdom

"Thank you so much for the Purse Pal! I love it...."
Susan B. Baltimore, Md

Congrats Willa. I love my PursePal. It even fits in an evening bag, and I never have to fish under the table to find my purse nor worry about it getting stolen. The beautiful image on it, Salus, the Roman Goddess of health, is a great conversation starter and gives me a chance to  talk about the important work being done to find the cure for mental illness. Thanks so much Willa, for doing this for us.
Shari S. Napa, Ca

Willa, the PursePal is a great accessory for any woman! I use mine wherever I go. I'm so proud to show them off to everyone I meet. Thank you for this great accessory and for the excellent quality of my PursePal! Thank You.
Sasha R. Miramar, Fl


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